Fez is a 21 track compilation from two sold out acoustic shows in New York City In December 2004.


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Released on March 15, 2005, this CD from Bo Bame records (catalog #bobame006) features 21 tracks compiled from two sold-out acoustic shows at Fez in New York City, in December 2004. The CD’s tracks cover the band’s first four albums, and also includes a couple of previously unreleased songs.

  1. Easy Read
  2. All the Dark Horses
  3. Got Carried Away
  4. How Can I Apply…?
  5. Wild Mountainside
  6. Freetime
  7. The Best Man’s Fall
  8. I’m Immortal
  9. Hayfever
  10. Leave Me Alone
  11. Only Tongue Can Tell
  12. What Women Do To Men
  13. Drunken Chorus
  14. You Made Me Feel
  15. Send For Henny
  16. Earlies
  17. The Safecracker
  18. In Capitals
  19. Trouble Sleeping
  20. Weightlifting
  21. The Therapist

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