All Night in America



All Night In America is a 21 track CD/31 track DVD recorded in Los Angeles at the end of the band’s 2017 All Night tour


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On November 4, 2017, John, Frank, and Paul filmed an acoustic performance at Swing House in Los Angeles, which would become the CD/DVD combo All Night In America. The CD/DVD was released through Pledge Music in October 2018 and is now available from the TCS shop. All Night In America features 21 songs on CD and 31 on DVD in a gatefold package, with a 6-panel front/back poster insert. The DVD is NTSC format and region-free and should be compatible with most DVD players worldwide. This multi-camera shoot was multi-tracked and mixed and mastered in stereo (it is not surround sound).

You can purchase the CD as a standalone download elsewhere in the store, or purchase a physical copy of the CD/DVD for $25, which also includes a download of the CD (download code sent separately).


  1. All the Dark Horses
  2. Hayfever
  3. Got Carried Away
  4. Autumn
  5. The Sleeping Policeman
  6. The Perfect Reminder
  7. Bloodrush
  8. What Women Do To Men
  9. I'm Immortal
  10. No Gasoline
  11. Even the Odd
  12. Easy Read
  13. Send For Henny
  14. Best Days On Earth
  15. Worked A Miracle
  16. I Hung My Harp Upon the Willows
  17. Circling the Circumference
  18. Twisted and Bent
  19. Aberration
  20. Freetime
  21. People
  22. All Night
  23. The Best Man's Fall
  24. How Can I Apply...?
  25. Trouble Sleeping
  26. Weightlifting
  27. Funny
  28. You Made Me Feel
  29. Obscurity Knocks
  30. Earlies
  31. Obscurity Knocks
  32. I've Seen Everything


  1. All the Dark Horses
  2. Hayfever
  3. Got Carried Away
  4. Autumn
  5. Bloodrush
  6. Even the Odd
  7. Best Days On Earth
  8. Worked A Miracle
  9. Circling the Circumference
  10. Twisted and Bent
  11. Aberration
  12. People
  13. All Night
  14. The Best Man's Fall
  15. How Can I Apply...?
  16. Weightlifting
  17. Funny
  18. You Made Me Feel
  19. Obscurity Knocks
  20. Earlies
  21. I've Seen Everything
  22. Obscurity Knocks

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