All Night in America

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All Night In America is a 21 track CD recorded in Los Angeles at the end of the band’s 2017 All Night tour.

Note that the download comes as a .zip file – you should download to a computer, not a mobile device.


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On November 4, 2017, John, Frank, and Paul filmed an acoustic performance at Swing House in Los Angeles, which would become the CD/DVD combo All Night In America. The CD/DVD was released through Pledge Music in October 2018 and is now available from the TCS shop. All Night In America features 21 songs on CD, which were multi-tracked and mixed and mastered in stereo.

You can purchase the CD as a standalone download here, or purchase a physical copy of the CD/DVD (which also includes a download of the CD) elsewhere in the store.

[wvc_album_tracklist][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”All the Dark Horses”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Hayfever”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Got Carried Away”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Autumn”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Bloodrush”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Even the Odd”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Best Days On Earth”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Worked A Miracle”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Circling the Circumference”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Twisted and Bent”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Aberration”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”People”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”All Night”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”The Best Man’s Fall”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”How Can I Apply…?”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Weightlifting”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Funny”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”You Made Me Feel”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Obscurity Knocks”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Earlies”][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”I’ve Seen Everything”][/wvc_album_tracklist]

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