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I’ve Seen Everything Reissue

We have more information to share about the upcoming I’ve Seen Everything reissue. The 14 album tracks will be remastered and available on multiple colors of vinyl (translucent blue – limited, translucent red – limited, translucent green and black). A 20 track remastered deluxe CD (including the 6 original B-sides) will also be available. Finally,...

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I've Seen Everything

I’ve Seen Everything

We’re thrilled to announce that our second album, 1993’s I’ve Seen Everything, will be reissued on vinyl and CD in 2021! We’re still working out all of the details, but the album will be remastered and likely pressed on 2-3 different colored vinyl versions, as well as CD. The reissue will be through LNFG, with...

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Trashcan Sinatras - Ways


We’re happy to announce the release of our latest single “Ways.” The song was recorded during 2019 in Glasgow and the United States, with subsequent remixing and mastering through 2020. The song features the band’s long-standing lineup of John Douglas, Stephen Douglas, Davy Hughes, Paul Livingston and Francis Reader, with some help from Andrew Wasylyk...

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Patreon Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Trashcan Sinatras Patreon community, which offers interested fans the option to be a patron of the band. When signing up, patrons commit to a monthly subscription (which they can change or discontinue at any time) and in return, receive exclusive monthly content. Every patron, no matter...

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The Closer You Move Away from Me

The Closer You Move Away from Me

We’re excited to announce our new single “The Closer You Move Away From Me.” The song was recorded during 2019 in Glasgow and the United States and features the band’s long-standing lineup of John Douglas, Stephen Douglas, Davy Hughes, Paul Livingston and Francis Reader. “The Closer You Move Away from Me” is officially released to...

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zebra of the family 2

Zebra of the Family 2

Hi Everyone, We have bad news and good news. You may have heard about the recent bankruptcy announcement by Pledge Music (the crowdfunding site we used to fund our Wild Pendulum record and, more recently, our All Night In America CD/DVD). Due to this unforeseen event, we, along with many other artists, have awoken to...

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Weightlifting vinyl

Weightlifting Vinyl Release

We’re excited to announce the release of Weightlifting on vinyl for the first time! 15 years after the album’s original release, we bring you a limited edition 180 gram vinyl, specially remastered, with full color packaging, including an inner sleeve with liner notes and separate lyric insert. You can pre-order the album at any of...

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About Us

Got together, got drunk, tried to make a decent sound, got a record deal, obsessively made "Cake", toured with a bad attitude, came to some conclusions, confidently made "I've Seen Everything", toured with a better attitude, wondered how to make another album, desperately made "A Happy Pocket", went bust, worried, got drunk, got angry, got over it, cautiously made "Weightlifting", toured in a great mood, happily made "In The Music", toured (a bunch), wonkily made "Wild Pendulum", toured (once), came to some conclusions, stripped it all right back to basics...and that’s where we find ourselves today!

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