We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve received clearance from Universal and a remastered A Happy Pocket will be released on vinyl and CD later this year (expected in October).

This AHP release will be a double vinyl, with the original 14 track album spanning 3 sides, and a selection of B-sides (tentatively expected to include “No Gasoline”, “Save Me”, “Claw”, “Jane’s Estranged” and two others to be determined) taking up the 4th side. The vinyl will be pressed on black, pink, white and pale blue.

AHP will also be available as a double CD, with one disc for the 14 track album and the second disc for the 13 B-sides from that era.

The vinyl CD is available for pre-order from LNFG Records (their orders ship from Scotland) and expected to ship in October 2022. We will have copies available on our website shop after release.

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