We have more information to share about the upcoming I’ve Seen Everything reissue. The 14 album tracks will be remastered and available on multiple colors of vinyl (translucent blue – limited, translucent red – limited, translucent green and black). A 20 track remastered deluxe CD (including the 6 original B-sides) will also be available. Finally, there will be an accompanying book about the album and the process of writing, recording and touring, entitled The Perfect Reminder, which will feature new interviews with the band, producers, other artists, media and fans.

The vinyl and CD are expected to be available through retail outlets in September, however, pre-orders will ship as soon as available, which will be ahead of the retail release.

You can check out the pre-order pages on our website shop, or head directly to LNFG, Note that TCS Patreon members get a 10% discount Рavailable on our Patreon page  HERE.

More details when available!

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