We are pleased to announce the launch of our Trashcan Sinatras Patreon community, which offers interested fans the option to be a patron of the band.

When signing up, patrons commit to a monthly subscription (which they can change or discontinue at any time) and in return, receive exclusive monthly content. Every patron, no matter the amount given for their membership, will receive the same content.

We’ll still continue to post on other social media platforms, however, for those choosing to support us through a monthly subscription, our Patreon page will provide exclusive content and be a place where you can see/hear updates first.

We plan to post new content throughout each month, which will feature video, audio, and written materials. There will be unheard and unseen archive material, Q&A sessions, online polls, and newly created content, amongst many other things. We feel that this will be a creative and mutually rewarding way forward. All patronage will be used to allow the band to continue the musical journey that we all treasure.

We’re excited for this new endeavor and hope you’ll join us!