Hi Everyone,

We have bad news and good news.

You may have heard about the recent bankruptcy announcement by Pledge Music (the crowdfunding site we used to fund our Wild Pendulum record and, more recently, our All Night In America CD/DVD).

Due to this unforeseen event, we, along with many other artists, have awoken to find ourselves victim. We have incurred a financial loss that is in the multiples of tens of thousands of dollars.

The way this relationship with Pledge Music worked, in theory, was as follows:

In Pledge Music campaigns, fans paid various amounts in exchange for different merchandise bundles and related shipping costs. Pledge Music collected and retained the money, until it paid out agreed percentages as campaign milestones were met, with payment of the final balance, minus commission, due upon project completion.

The band used its own funds for all campaign expenses, including staging the concert, the filming, recording and production of the All Night CD/DVD, as well as manufacturing and shipping all merchandise ordered. However, Pledge Music didn’t follow through on their end of the deal, and paid the band a fraction of what wad due.

As we paid for everything up front, we are glad to say that all pledges were met, so everyone who bought a DVD, signed poster, tour book, handwritten lyric sheet, etc., received what they expected.

Thanks to Pledge Music, we received a hefty debt.

The money raised was expected to pay for recording & manufacturing of the CD/DVD, merchandising, help with touring costs and to pay ourselves a hard earned wage.

Alas, not much of that happened. So we are in debt to quite a few, so far sympathetic, compadres.

So…what do we do in this tight spot? We put fresh batteries in the torch and climbed the ladder to the dusty attic, where the old cassettes, DATs & minidiscs are stored.

We now bring you the next installment of our demos/outtakes albums. Zebra of the Family 2, which includes the long lost recordings from Hartford, as well as demos from our Weightlifting and In the Music albums.

This collection will be available on tour and as a physical CD or download on the website shop, with the option to “pay what you want.”

We truly appreciate your support over the years and hope this release will be a silver lining to the cloud that Pledge Music cast. We can assure you that all money earned from the sales of Zebra 2 will go towards the continuing creative journey of the band.


The Trashcans

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