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'Wild Pendulum': reviews / thoughts?

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'Wild Pendulum': reviews / thoughts?

Postby rerics » Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:43 pm

Now that Wild Pendulum is released (in the US, at least), here are some of my brief thoughts to hopefully get the ball rolling--

I really like this album. While it employs several sounds that are not typical to most Traschcan Sinatras music, this is still undoubtedly a TCS record, in overall scope and feel.

Let Me Inside (Or Let Me Out) - a great song to start the album off. One of the highlights for me is the way that Stephen's powerful and infectious drumming enters and exits the proceedings in various places.

Best Days on Earth - a very Trashcanny type of song - great melody, lyrics, instrumentation. A fine choice for first single.

Ain't That Something - one of my favorites. A nice toe-tapper, with inspired Beach-Boy harmonies (reflecting the L.A. theme possibly?)

Autumn - very atmospheric, though one that has taken longer to catch hold with me. I do love the way they've combined it into a medley with Iceberg on tour.

I Want To Capture Your Heart - honestly, on the first couple of listens I thought it was rather bland, but now I love the waltz cadence, Franks vocals, the whistling, and the overall dreamy instrumentation.

All Night - This song appealed to me upon first listen, and hasn't lessened since. Very catchy, with brilliant weaving of The Lonely Bull in the chorus.

The Neighbour's Place - could be the best song on the album; great story telling, lots of melodic hooks. Never tire of listening to this.

The Family Way - not the strongest track, but as with all TCS music, still head and shoulders above everything else out there.

I'm Not the Fella - this one has gotten some criticism, but the mournful vocals and piano harken me back to Unfortunate Age, which is a good thing. Wish it was a bit longer than the 2:21 given to it.

What's Inside the Box - Nice feel to this one; I enjoy the harmonies and the trumpet melody line.

Waves (Sweep Away My Melancholy) - Similar to Autumn in being atmospheric, albeit a different atmosphere. A nice choice for the penultimate track on the album...

I See the Moon - ...which leads to one of their best choices for final track on the album. Having first hear this song acoustically, I always felt it was rather sleepy, but I love the treatment they've given it here, with more instrumental depth leading to a fuller sound. Great lyrics again, of course.

Looking forward to hearing everyone else's thoughts.
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