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Now that you've found another key...

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Now that you've found another key...

Postby DifferentFrank » Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:54 pm

I was listening to Baby You're A Rich Man on the way home, heard the line

Now that you've found another key
What do you think you'll play

And decided to play a new key. Chose Bb minor... it was NO fun on my recorder, it felt like I couldn't play at all, just trying to get the scale down. After about 10 minutes (in which time our teen prolly thought I'd lost my mind), I pulled out the guitar.

And it's a very cool key... and if you want to feel the disorientation, you're not allowed to capo the 1st fret. But the basic chords you'll live with are Bbm, Ebm, Fm, Ab...

And of course there are all sorts of diminisheds and 6ths and 7ths...

Just try it. Don't capo. Get out of your comfort zone, it's pretty cool.

(though I have to admit Eb minor is a tough chord to play)
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