paul livingston answers website "kids corner" questions

may 20, 2007


1. do you swim?

Like a fish!

2. what's your favorite instrument?

Old guitars.

3. do you like reading?

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read" - Groucho Marx.

4. what is your favorite trashcans song

Hmm. Maybe "Orange Fell".

5. do you like hallaween?

I love it!

6. what kind of computer do you use?

Apple Mac.

7. do you have halloween in scotland? if so, what did you dress up like when you were a kid?

Yes we do, but I never dressed up when I was young. I dressed up for the first time a coupla years ago, when I was one of Right Said Fred.

8. do you have christmas in scotland? if so, do you have santa claus or someone else?

Yes we have Christmas! With Santa, Rudolph, presents, Coca Cola and all the usual stuff.

9. if you weren't in the trashcans what would you do?

Join them!

10. what was your favorite subject in school?

Technical Drawing.

11. when you were in school, were you a bully?

Of course not!

12. how many brothers and sisters do you have? when you were kids did you play tricks on each other?

I have a big brother called Mark and yes we played tricks on each other.

13. how big is your family? do you have any kids or grandkids?

Nope. Haven't got any of that. I am, however, getting married this year, so I am incredibly excited about that!

14. How long have you played guitar?

Oh wow! 28 years!! I really should be a lot better!

15. What is you favorite dinosaur?


16. How tall are you guys?

A coupla inches over six foot. Not exacty sure!

17. How good/poor is your eyesight?




18. Are you a good cook?


19. when you were a boy were you afraid of the dark or any monsters?

I can't remember about the dark but I was, and still am, terrified of werewolves.

20. what was your favorite stuffed animal?

A panda.

21. Do you believe in the Lockness monster, Bigfoot, Abonimable Snowman or aliens?

Yeah, of course I do.

22. What is your favorite color?


23. What is your favorite number?

59 written digitally. No idea why.

24. What color are your eyes?

Greeny grey.

25. How often to do you get your hair cut?

I shave my head about every two weeks.

26. What is the new album going to be called?

Well, it's just too soon to say. Sorry, man!

27. My three ½ year old son Theo would like to know if you would play ?Don?t Let Me Down?. We listen to Weightlifting in the car a lot.

I wonder if little Theo is psychic, cos I've been playing it a lot on the guitar recently!

28. Who snores the loudest?

Hmmm. Probably John.

29. dear trashcans i have been a fan since i was 18 months old (in 1998) but have never been able to see you play live. do you think you will ever play an english festival again, or venue that allows under 18s or do you think i will have to wait until i am 18 in 2015? i hope you will still be together then.from albert ps i got a mention in one of your competitions a long time ago but got no prize. can i have one now?

We will most definitely be playing English festivals at some point! And yes you can have a prize. Send your address to Admin and we'll send you something.

30. do you have a new years resolution?


31. Do you go to church?


32. What is your most favorite adventure?

Going on the road is always an adventure!